Colors of life

Everyone was appreciating the painting in the hall. Comments of art work, color, the blends of brush and the strokes appealed to everyone. Standing these amidst the people, I wondered what made them say that. I was seeing only a blob, just one color and no strokes of brush at all.
What was wrong? My friend was smiling at me. She pulled me away from the painting and said, now look. And how true, all the colors were now visible, the miniscule dots, the shades of colors that added depth to the work of art. Slight distance made a whole change in the perspective.
Isn’t this exactly how we look at life, every day? Friends and relatives, who were once so dear, have betrayed our trust. Some close relatives or siblings, have let us down although we have been good all the while. All these are so similar to each one of us. Yet do these happen by mere accident or is this also a color that is added in the canvas of our life? Are we viewing everything too close or are we able to watch the painting unfold, from a decent distance?
The blue print of the entire journey, that is life, is already crafted out in various shades. The painter, in His deft strokes has made a beautiful picture of every being. Unaware of the canvas, we reflect only in the pains, the probable dark spots or the failed relationships. We are yet to open our eyes that every person who steps in our journey, right from the nurse who held us the first time we opened our eyes in the world, to the last person who gives us the last drop of water when we move on, are all aids to the color of our journey. The shade of red may be a little long lasting than the shade of purple, or the various hues of indigo may overshadow the tones of orange, yet the net outcome is the flawless painting that the master craftsman paints.
What then are we doing in the canvas?
We are doing exactly what we are meant to do. This is exactly like the inner systems functioning, each independent yet inter dependant. If the stomach decides to rest and feel lethargic one day, we know what happens. If the arteries feel tired and complain of the massive work it has to do, I am sure we will land up on the doctor’s operating table. Just as every system works independent yet inter linked, so too, each one coming in our life, good, bad or ugly, has a role to play, influencing this journey directly or indirectly. A role ever so important as to bring exquisite colors to my painting; without which my canvas would be a white sheet merely.


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